Video Counseling Services

What is tele-therapy?

Tele-therapy services, also called tele-medicine, video counseling, e-counseling, is an online based service model. Just as you may Face-time or Skype with someone, you video-chat with a professional therapist. It works in the same manner as traditional office services: you meet with a therapist for a set given time however, this is a virtual meeting.

Why would someone choose tele-therapy?

This is a convenient service for those people that are either on-the-go and have less time in their day to make an office visit or for others who may findĀ it difficult to leave their home. Either way it is a simple and easy system to use. The image below shows a step-by-step how to set up a visit through, a HIPPA compliant service.

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Beautiful Life Services provides telemedicine and tele therapy from their office in Northridge, CA.